Meet  Kate

Hi, I'm Kate Plackett. Welcome to The Art Parlour! I've been running my art teaching practice since 2011 when I achieved a life-long dream of graduating in Fine Art, and very soon after rented my own studio in rural Warwickshire. At the time my plan was to help pay for the studio by taking in some students. Three brave souls turned up to the first lesson, and to my great relief they came back the next week, and the week after that ... and that is how The Art Parlour was born - by accident!


Since then the teaching practice has grown and taken a leap out of the studio into the community. The Art Parlour goes into schools (I'm a qualified teacher), public venues and private homes. I've met many wonderful people of all ages and walks of life, each of them with a passion for saying something unique by making art. I understand that passion; it kept me going through many cold and lonely hours in the garden shed as I worked on a portfolio to get me into art college. It's tough trying to be creative on your own.


That's why I love running The Art Parlour; it's exactly what I needed when I was learning to be an artist - a supportive environment where it's OK to try new things, mess them up, learn, repeat ... that's creativity for you! Sometimes it can be so frustrating! But with time, practice, good guidance and plenty of encouragement you start getting things right, and that's amazing.


Your creative voice. It's what The Art Parlour is all about.



The Art Parlour. Your creative voice.